Fashion boutique & Clothing Alterations

On December 1 of 2013, “blancoron”  Fashion boutique & Clothing Alterations shop, renewal opened in Miharu-cho, Yokosuka-city.

Please contact us in advance.


We have cute, antique-looking, palm-sized thread scissors. They are useful for making crafts and cutting thick paper. They are popular for their shape, cute design,reasonable price, and accurate cut. We have strings, buttons, fabrics, and more!

Repairs & Alterations

Our shop owner, or the repairing professional, who visits bimonthly, will repair your clothes. We hem pants and skirts, alter waist sizes, and exchange fasteners. We also hem the length and shoulder width of jackets, alter T-shirt lengths, and repair jeans. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

Redesign Clothing

We change old-fashion clothing into trendy clothes, bags, or accessories! You’ll love your clothes after we recreate them through our imagination and creativity! We want to support those who seek to wear their precious clothing that’ll last a life time. We keep the cost within your budget. Please bring in the clothes that you’d like to have repaired or remade. We can come up with a new idea and design for your clothes! (Consulting fees are free.)



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