Alter, Repair & Upcycle お直し・リメイク例

ストレッチサテンドレスのお直し Alter stretch satin dress

Shorten the length and take in the bust and waist.

  • 料金9000円 Price 9000 yen
  • 納期 2週間~ Need 2weeks and more

The dress was really big and needed to be taken the sides in a lot.

Shorten at the above of the frill.

かかった時間と料金 Time & Price

最初、9000円とさせていただいて、作業時間を測って高かったら返金しようと思いました。かかった時間は4時間15分。I was thinking to refund the money for the amount that I took too much, counting the work time. It took me 4 hours and 15 minutes to alter this dress.

神奈川県の最低賃金は1,071円なので、経営的には人件費の3倍13,655円が妥当です。 The minimum wage of Kanagawa prefecture is 1,071 yen. Usually you need 3 times bigger of human costs as a business management, so 13,655 yen is the proper price.

今のところ1時間2400円で当店は計算しているので、10,200円が当店プライス。30分はロスタイムとすれば、9000円は高くもなく当店価格としては妥当だと思いました。I take 2400 yen per a hour for now instead of 3,213 yen, so my shop price would be 10,200 yen. Considering 30min could be loss time, it turned out that 9,000 yen for altering this dress was not expensive which I thought and it is actually proper price that I set it for my shop.

使用したミシンなど Sewing machines and details

  • ジューキ シュプール90 JUKI SPUR 90 → 針11番 糸50番 Needle #11 Thread #50
  • ベビーロック 衣縫人 BL57 Baby Lock Serger → 針11番 糸90番 
  • ベビーロック ふらっとろっく BL72S Baby Lock cover stitch machine → 針11番 糸90番

Arm holes insides were sewn with bias tapes.

The dress was actually a balloon shape. I took 6 cm in the bust sides and 12 cm in the waist for total. It took time to unseam the frill.

Used a cover stitch machine, I stitched the sides by chain stitches. Satin is one of the fabrics which is difficult to sew. Once you sew it, the needle holes would be mostly permanent.

Used regular sewing machine for armholes and bias tapes.

A little hack to sew the thick part. Cut a little tiny bit the seam allowance would be inside of the bias tape. Sewed the thin strings for hanging as they were, too.

Used a serger to sew the frills.

-Alter, Repair & Upcycle お直し・リメイク例