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Revised LINE menu tabs ラインのメニュー編集・再び

I remade the LINE menu tab that I had originally created quite simply, but this time, I put more effort into it and recreated it using Canva.

Because after setting up the initial menu, customer inquiries were either not pressing the menu tab or seemed to have accidentally tapped the menu. It felt like something wasn’t working… So, for now, I made it even clearer that this is the menu tab!

The reason there is no reply after the automated response might be that the content of the automated reply isn’t good. I’ll need to think about this a bit more later.


Then, after considering the solution and looking at other official accounts, I have an additional note.

The lack of replies might be because the introduction of the menu made it unclear how to send messages. Therefore, I added the phrase ‘◀TEXT | MENU’ to the menu bar.
返信が無いのは、メニューを導入したことでメッセージの送り方が分からなくなったのかもしれないと思い始めました。そこで、メニューバーに「◀TEXT | MENU」という文言を入れました。

The settings in the administration screen are as shown in the image below.

Expressing ‘Tap the left icon to send a message, and tap here to reveal or hide the menu’ in 14 letters, I arrived at this solution: By hiding the menu tab and showing only the menu bar as ‘◀TEXT | MENU▾’ by default. I hope this will prevent accidental taps as well.
「左のマークをタップするとメッセージが送れて、ここをタップするとメニューを出したりひっこめたりできるよ。」というのを、14文字以内で表現するにはどうしたらよいか考え抜いた結果、メニューをデフォルトで表示させず、「◀TEXT | MENU▾」と表示させることで、どうにか解決してくれないかと願っているところです。これによって、誤ったタップも回避できるかも?という期待もあります。

May it function well.

Then, からの。

Revised the setting again.

My husband said "I had no idea how to send photos or text", so I made the following changes.

  1. Displaying the menu by default.
  2. Add the Kanji character 閉 to the end of the menu bar phrase. I am sure that it doesn’t work for English users.
    メニューバーの文言は「◀TEXT | MENU 閉」に変更。ああ。漢字って便利。
  3. Add a picture explaining how to send photos in the auto reply. I know it’s too small to read on the LINE screen, but I don’t know what to do anymore.

Then, I got an opinion to create a page explaining how to send photos and link it there. 

Oh, today is already over. I’ll try editing again someday. Actually, it might be better not to use the menu!

-NEWS お知らせ