Alter, Repair & Upcycle お直し・リメイク例

Dress alteration: NALLOW ROLLED HEM ドレスのお直し”三つ巻き”仕上げ

This is a rolled hem. I always sew the same as the original when I can.

  • Within 1m on flat folded. 
  • Georgette fabric
  • Narrow rolled hem
  • 4000 yen up to 2 layers. This price would be raised to 5000 yen in 2023.  
  • Need 2 weeks.  

How to hem a dress 裾上げの手順

3 Kinds of Sewing Machines 3種類のミシンを使用

  • SPUR 90 Sewing machine シュプール90
  • #9 needle 9番の針
  • #90 Navy color span thread 糸は90番のスパン糸
  • Used for hemming the shell メインでこのミシンを使いました。
  • Baby Lock Serger sewing machine ベビーロックのロックミシン
  • #11 needles 11番の針
  • #90 navy color span thread 90番のスパン糸
  • Used for displacing the washing label 洗濯ラベルを移動するのに使いました。
  • Baby Lock cover stitching machine ベビーロックのふらっとろっく
  • #12 needles 12番の針
  • #90 navy color span thread 90番のロックミシン用糸
  • Used for hemming the lining 裏地の裾上げに使いました。

Draw lines 線を引く

Measure the original hem length. Draw the line for folding and a parallel line from it to the hem length. One of the difficult things to hem georgette fabric is cutting. The fabric is very thin, so it moves a lot on the cutting table. The original one has already wavy hem, so I had to make smooth lines.

And actually the length of the right side and the left were more than 1cm different. I needed to adjust that, too. This is one of the reason that the price would be different depending on the fabric.

Cut 切る

Cut the excess fabric off. And I forgot to take photos of this procedure…. That much I needed to concentrate.

Sew 縫う

Sew the hem very narrow and rolled. And I also forgot to take the photos of this procedure.

There are 2 ways to sew a rolled hem. One is that you roll the edge of the fabric with your fingers. The other is using "a narrow hemmer foot".

Lining 裏地

The lining for this dress was a knit fabric and its hem were sewn by cover stitching.

To displace the washing label, unseam the stitches where the washing label were sewn and where you want to place the washing label. Where you want to place it is the total numbers of the hem length and the distance from the edge to the washing label.

And sew it with a regular sewing machine and an over lock machine.

Then, draw the lines and cut the excess fabric.

Iron and sew by a cover stitching machine, then iron the hem again for finishing.

-Alter, Repair & Upcycle お直し・リメイク例
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