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New alteration receipt is coming...

I created a new alteration receipt slip. I added English translations to all the Japanese items and phrases, and designed it to handle orders from the cleaners.

I asked the customers who visited my shop, ‘I am planning to create a slip like this; if you see anything odd, please let me know.’ Each time, I received new advice. I took all that advice into account and painstakingly made numerous corrections and re-edits. Thank you very much to all the customers who cooperated with me!

After three grueling months and using about half a ream of copy paper for revisions, I finally contacted the printer today. I gave the go-ahead for production. I can no longer make any edits or changes to the data. I ordered a large quantity, so I pray that I won’t find any areas that need correction.

However, even with a large order, the cost per set of three-part carbonless forms is still higher than commercially available slips. This is an issue I wish I could address. It seems I would only achieve cost-effectiveness if I ordered three to four times the amount. I am planning to sell them in my online shop. Even if they sell like hotcakes, I’m uncertain if paper slips will be needed in five or ten years. Therefore, I can’t offer them at the same low prices as commonly sold slips.

Specification 仕様

  • A6サイズ(148mm×105mm)3枚複写の伝票です。
    This is a three-part carbonless copy slip in A6 size.
  • 1枚目の用紙は白(青発色)、刷色は黒です。裏面印刷無しです。
    The first sheet is white (blue image), with black printing. There is no printing on the back.
  • 2枚目の用紙は青(青発色)、刷色は黒です。裏面印刷無しです。
    The second sheet is blue (blue image), with black printing. There is no printing on the back.
  • 3枚目の用紙はクリーム、刷色は黒です。裏面印刷は無しです。
    The third sheet is cream, with black printing. There is no printing on the back.
  • バラ製本天のり。It is bound as loose-leaf pads glued at the top.
  • 2穴(天穴)It has two holes punched at the top.

All information is provided in both Japanese and English

New Clothing Alteration Receipt

English translations are provided for all items in Japanese. Initially, I made the cleaning shop’s entry field in Japanese only because it was irrelevant to the customers who come to the shop. However, after having some customers look at the slip and point to the cleaning shop’s entry field asking ‘What is this?’, I realized that it might be unsettling to sign something like a contract with an incomprehensible note at the end. So, I decided to provide English translations for even the seemingly unrelated items.

Two holes punched at the top 2穴(天穴)

It has two holes punched at the top.

The slips are designed as sets of three loose sheets, with two holes punched at the top for easy storage in binders or folders.

About ORDER DATE 注文日について

In Japan, the date format is year→month→day, while in America, it’s month→day→year, and in Europe, it’s day→month→year. Initially, I assumed English users would be from the Navy, and thought Japanese people wouldn't mind either format. So, I wrote it in the American format. However, when I showed it to my sewing partner, Ms. O, she mentioned that Japanese people might instinctively write the year first without looking, and I realized she was right! So, I took her advice and switched to the Japanese format. Since it will primarily be used in Japan and written by Japanese people, let’s follow the local custom!

Contact Information 連絡先

On the commercially available forms, there are sections for phone numbers and addresses, but I rarely see anyone actually write their address. I also wondered about the point of asking for a phone number when I don’t take calls. So, I wrote “Contact Information” in Japanese and added “e-mail or SNS” in English next to it. However, a customer asked me, “What is SNS?” and when I explained it as “social network system,” I was advised that in America, people wouldn’t think of Instagram or Facebook when they hear “SNS.” So, I simplified it to just “contact information.” This section is for you to write down your preferred method of contact, whether it be phone, LINE, email, or any other means that allows us to reach you.
市販の伝票には電話番号と住所の欄があるのですが、まず、住所って書いてもらうことがほぼほぼ無いなーって思っていました。また、私が電話を取らないのに、電話番号を書いてもらう意味とは?と思い、日本語で「連絡先」その横に英語の意味も含めて「e-mail or SNS」とか書いてました。でも、とあるお客さんに「SNSって何?」と聞かれて、「social network system」と説明したら、アメリカでSNSと聞いてインスタとかフェイスブックとか思いつく人はいないと思う、というアドバイスを受け、シンプルにcontact informationにしました。電話でも、lineでもメールでも、連絡とれるものなら何でもどうぞ。

About Photo Posting 写真の使用についての断り書き

I include wording for consent verification so that photos of alterations can be used on blogs, Instagram, posters, etc. Since most customers readily consent, it’s set up for those who have a strong intention not to agree to check the box.

I personally think this is the highlight section of this receipt. You’ve probably never seen a receipt designed with consent for photo publication in mind, have you?!!  There might be something like it somewhere in the world, but since I couldn’t find one, can I say it’s a first in the tailoring world? Actually, there is no business insurance related to clothing alterations, so in the unlikely event of a mistake, I can only compensate up to XX yen, and I wanted to include such a phrase. However, since such compensation policies vary from shop to shop, I decided to go with content related to modern photo usage permissions.

About PICKUP DATE 仕上がり日

I made the text larger for clarity. 


About the space next to the PICKUP DATE section
仕上がり日 PICKUP DATEの欄の横のスペース

I made this section with the month/day format in mind. Now I wonder if I should have included ‘month’ and ‘day’ to make it clearer. After all, for Europeans, the day/month format is the norm, right? Oh well. Maybe I should have written MM/DD in small letters. By the way, the reason I provided space is for places run by multiple people, so that a person in charge can stamp their seal or a ‘completed’ seal.

About the clothing diagram

I based this clothing diagram on a design I saw on a dry cleaner’s receipt. After researching, I discovered that it’s common for dry cleaners to use receipts with similar diagram, so I decided to create my own version on an iPad.


About the list, which includes "hem", "zippers", "seam repair", and "patching hole or rip", these are common alteration requests. This is intended as a small effort to reduce the task of writing, to save a bit of labor.


This is often asked as ‘What is this?’ but it stands for Bust, Waist, Hips. When altering a dress or making overall adjustments, I sometimes measure and record these for that purpose.

Items about money 金額の項目 

I wanted to make items about money as clear as possible, so I listed as many items as I could think of. Even among Japanese customers, I sense an atmosphere of uncertainty regarding fees, and I worry that this might lead to even more suspicion due to my limited English skills. I wanted to make everything as clear as possible.

For Cleaners Only クリーニング屋さんの記入欄 

I designed this section for the dry cleaner to fill out, listing the items they might need. For the last two items, I considered making them ‘cleaning needed/not needed’ and ‘estimate needed/not needed,’ with a circle to mark the choice. However, the receipt is already quite information-dense, and adding English translations would require even more space, which is scarce. So, it’s just about whether cleaning or an estimate is needed, and whether to check the box or not.  This is the ultimate pared-down information I’ve squeezed out.

©Moana Brook モイナ・ブルック オリジナル

The receipt does not display the name of my shop “blancoron”. I intentionally did not include the shop name on this receipt because I want individuals who do alterations on clothes, like myself, to feel free to purchase and use this receipt if they wish. However, I put a lot of effort, time, and dedication into creating this, so I wanted to include a copyright mark. Thus, I added “©Moana Brook Original”. Who is Moana Brook? I am planning to write about it in detail later, but for now, think of Moana Brook as a character I created that represents me but also doesn’t; it’s like a brand name. I’m looking forward to gradually sharing more about my future activities.
この伝票にブランコロンの店名を印刷していません。私のように個人で洋服のお直しをしてる方で、この伝票を使いたい!という方がいらしたら是非購入して使ってほしいので、あえて伝票に店名を入れませんでした。でも、ものすごく一所懸命、時間と労力をさいて、こだわって作ったので、著作権マークを入れたく、「©Moana Brook Original」というのを入れました。Moana Brookとは?後で詳しく書こうかと思いますが、私であって私でないキャラクターを作ろうとこのMoana Brookという名前を作りました。ブランド名のような感じですね。今後の活動についても、ちょっとずつアウトプットしていきたいと思います。

The circumstances that led to the creation of the original receipts

For 12 years since starting this shop, I have always thought about creating my own original slip. However, when it comes down to it, making them is expensive, and I couldn’t quite envision what the ideal receipt slip would look like. So, I kept thinking that perhaps the commercially available slip would suffice for now, and thus, I never got around to making them.

Around the end of 2022, I was approached by the president of a cleaning shop that manages about 30 stores, and I agreed to take on the alteration work for their shop. This cleaning shop had been commissioning a tailor shop which, due to old age, had to close down their business. They were in search of a new tailor and fortunately found me. For some time, they had been using the slip from the now-closed shop, but as they ran out, they requested that I provide them with new ones.

I saw this as a chance to create new receipt! And to keep costs down, I need to make a lot of them, so why not sell them! Plus, with the new Qualified Invoice Issuer Registration system that was introduced last year, I was wondering what to do, but if I’m going to sell receipt, I’ll definitely need a number! This gave me the push to register.

※What is Qualified Invoice Issuer Registration? This refers to the registration process for businesses to become authorized issuers of qualified invoices under the invoice system in Japan. For more details, please see the National Tax Agency’s page. Basically, I think of it as a system for the government to collect consumption tax without any omissions. The new system, which increases the workload for business owners and is opposed by many, is in place. Until September of 2023, there was a tax exemption for those with annual sales of less than 10 million yen, but this will be abolished for registered individuals. Those who are not registered will have their clients pay the tax instead, and ultimately, the unregistered individuals will bill their clients the amount after deducting the 10% consumption tax, aiming to collect taxes from even the smallest shops. When keeping the books, each receipt must be scanned and attached every time they are sorted. This is what I want to say to the government, 'I will pay the sales tax, so I would like to be excused from the cumbersome tasks associated with the new system.'

At the same time, I wanted to make it possible to book through Google, so I tried to register my existing website with Google Workspace, but it became complicated, so I decided to create a new domain. This led me to think about various things, including creating a new website. I think it will take time to materialize each idea. Even if it takes time, I want to work hard to give shape to the things I’ve envisioned in my mind
同時期に、Googleで予約できるようにしたい!と思って、既存のblancoron.comでgoogle workplaceに登録しようとしたのですが、ややこしいことになったので、新しいドメインを作ることになって。それも含めて、色々と考えが広がって、新しいホームページも作る考えにも至りました。一つ一つ形にするのに時間はかかると思います。時間かかっても、この頭の中に描いてること、がんばって形にしたいです。

I received a notification from the printer that production has started. I wonder if it will arrive in about a week. I’m so excited!! I’m planning to sell it on my online shop. I’m still pondering over the pricing, but I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll let you know once it’s listed on the online shop.

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