Alter, Repair & Upcycle お直し・リメイク例 Journal 雑記

Planning experiment of washing vintage silk 古い絹織物の洗濯実験 計画中

I am challenging a project to make a new item using vintage kimono/obi.

Unseaming the vintage kimono obi, I was bothered by the dirt/stain so I wanted to wash it.  But, I don't know much about silk care.  Actually, silk is the fabric that I have been avoiding because it is really difficult to care.  So, I researched about it.

The book above is introducing about how to make a dress from Kimono.   How to wash old Kimono is mentioned and according to the book the washing results tells you if the fabric is possible to reuse or not.


I roughly tried this washing instruction but I failed.  The silk Obi that I washed for the first time, it became sadly stiff.  I didn't follow the instruction exactly.


This book suggests to use baking soda and citric acid for environment protection.   Silk is protein.  Alkalinity like baking soda ruins the fabric.  That is why the author says to use citric acid to neutralize it.  I soaked baking soda water longer than the book instructs.


Reading some articles about silk washing on the internet, I learned that acidic detergent is the most recommended, and the next one is  neutral detergent.


I found some methods to wash silk.  Obi which is Kimono belts are not washable.  So the most of vintage kimono belts have stain/dirt.  I want to know which washing way is better for recycling vintage obi/kimono.    Here is the plan that I am working.


Plan 実験計画

What to Use

  • Neutral detergent (EMAL- Kao Corporation) 10ml/4L water
  • Softener (Humming – Kao Corporation) 10ml/4L water
  • Shampoo and conditioner (Merit – Kao Corporation) 2.5ml/4L water
  • Baking soda and citric acid

Hand Wash Procedure

  1. Soak and wash 30~35℃ water for 3min
    つけ置き洗い ぬるま湯30~35度つけ置き3分
  2. Rinse with 30~35℃ water for 3times
    すすぎ ぬるま湯30度3回
  3. Rinse with cold water once
    すすぎ 水で1回
  4. Soak with Softener/conditioner for 3min.
    柔軟剤/リンス ぬるま湯30~35度 つけ置き3分
  5. Rinse with 30~35℃ water once
    すすぎ ぬるま湯30~35度2回
  6. Rinse with cold water once
    すすぎ 水で1回
  7. Avoid wringing, wrap in towel
    脱水 絞らず、タオルで包み軽く押す
  8.  Flat/hang dry in the shade
  9. Press without steam between 110~130℃, using press cross

Delicate Machine Wash Setting

Machine: Panasonic NA-VX9900
Note: use a laundry net bag for machine wash

Setting detail  「おうちクリーニング」コースの設定

  • Water level: High
    水位 高め
  • Wash: 3 min.
  • Pouring water rinse: once
  • Spin: 2 min.
  • amount of the detergent and the softener are a half of that the washing machine suggested because rinsing only once.

Experimental Condition

A.  Hand wash with neutral detergent only
(1→2→3, 7→8→9)
Size: 82.5cm x 33.5cm

B.  Hand wash with neutral detergent and softener
Size: 65cm x 35cm

C.  Hand wash with shampoo and conditioner
Size: 82.5 x 33.5cm

D. Hand wash with Baking soda and citric acid
Size: 58.5cm x 33.5cm

E. Delicate machine wash with neutral detergent
Size:  82cm x 33.5cm

F. Delicate machine wash with neutral detergent and softener
Size: 60.5cm x 33.5cm

Due to avoiding the embroidery cutoff, sizes above are not the same.

-Alter, Repair & Upcycle お直し・リメイク例, Journal 雑記