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丈詰め夜露死苦!ドカンの丈上げをしました。Hemming "Dokan", a Japanese deformed school uniform




Price: 1050 yen.


靴ずれ付です。with tapes.


I hemmed very interesting pants.

The Japanese deformed high-school uniform that I haven't seen for a long long time is called as  "Dokan" which is worn by a classical Japanese bad boy.

Classical Japanese bad boys were called as "Tsuppari" in 80's and they are called as "Yankee" in these years.

The type of school uniform is "Gakuran" that is a set of a stand-up collar jacket and trousers, and their deformed style is very unique.

Varieties of "Gakuran" jackets in "Tsuppari" or "Yankee" style.

  • "Tan-ran": a very short "Gakuran" jacket.
  • "Cho-ran": a extremely long "Gakuran" jacket.

Trousers variety

  • "Dokan": high-waist wide pants.


  • "Bontan": high-waist wide pants with narrower ankles like Jodhpurs.

I know only those, but there is more.

My brother who is 48 years old now, in his high school time, this "Tsuppari" fashion was very popular.

In my junior high,  I had a couple of classmates who wore those, but in my high school years, 17 ~ 19 years ago, I barely saw those styles, or almost none.

It is very impressive that I could see those style still now.

The population of them is getting smaller but it seems like they have strong policy through their style and have been passing it from generation to generation.  Somehow, it reminds me of Kabuki.

The customer who brought these is not an actual bad boy but a very polite and nice person.   I guess that he is a member of a school cheer group.   He told me that he went all the way up to Saitama-prefecture to buy it.

Wearing the Japanese deformed high-school uniform sometimes threaten people around, but the style represents their strength and power.

It is interesting to see clothing as historical and cultural materials and nice to know the kind of uniforms are still made and sold.


-Alter, Repair & Upcycle お直し・リメイク例