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Dress shops and dress alterations in Yokosuka

I searched about dress shops and shops that is able to alter your dresses including wedding dresses.

Sometimes, I am asked about dresses if I can alter wedding dresses and gowns, where you can buy dresses in Yokosuka, and etc. I am a curious person and I hate when I don't know the answers. So, I am very happy to search for my customers and I also want to know those for when something happens to me.

By the way, I can hem dresses but I do not alter wedding (white and long) dresses due to my small work space.

I will update this page as I find new information.

Dress Shops in Yokosuka

"R's gown" Dress shop in Hinode-cho, Yokosuka

"R's gown" is a online shop which sells elegant and sophisticated dresses in variety sizes from U.S.A. The office and the stockroom is in Yokosuka. They also have a fitting room, so you can try their dresses on. You just need to make an appointment for fitting. The location is closed to Yokosuka city hall.

Here is the URL for an introduction in English about their fitting room. You will see how the fitting room looks like.

3F Daiwa3 Building, 1-8 Hinodecho, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 238-0006 JAPAN
Operating Hours:
9:30 AM - 3:00 PM JST, Monday - Friday

"PINK" Dress shop in Otaki-cho

PINK is a shop sells social dance dresses and casual clothing. The location is at Mikasa shopping plaza in Otaki-cho, Yokosuka.

2 chome-25 Otaki-cho

Operating Hours:
10 am - 5:30 pm

No need to make an appointment

"PLEASE" Dress shop AND dress alterations in Otaki-cho

"ぷり~ず (PLEASE)" is a Chikyu-do group dance shop which location is also at Mikasa shopping plaza in Otaki-cho, Yokosuka.. The first floor is a shoes shop and the second floor is the dresses shop. They also take orders for dress and gowns alterations including wedding dresses, too.

About dress alterations, the shop does only fitting and they send your dress to a seamstress who used to work there.  The seamstress has great skills and a lot of experiences. Prices are depended on designs such as its width/length and how it needs to be sewn.  Hemming costs over 10,000 yen and at least 2 weeks to get it done. (F.Y.I. This price for wedding dresses alterations.) If you are looking for a high skilled and experienced seamstress, please try this shop.

2 chome-24 Otaki-cho

Operating Hours:
10 am - 7 pm

No need to make an appointment

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