Journal 雑記

3 T-shirts into 1 for tomorrow's lady gaga concert!!


A redesigned T-shirt that I made for tomorrow's lady gaga concert.

kinda feel guilty about closing my store behind all belated works that I have, for my own joy.  ...mmmm,  so Japanese.  ahaha.

Well, I could be just not telling people that I'm going her concert, but I wanted to show the T-shirt that I made to the world!!  😛

I used 3 kinds of T-shirts to make this one.

A. based on this T-shirt

B. Cut off this logo

C. Cut off this horse part

 & Cut off the back side

Stitched B's logo & C's horse part on C's cut off back side.

Then put it on A's front and stitched it over.

cut the sides to make fringes.

I picked up this "I ♡ ME" logo to show Gaga様 that I understand her message "loving yourself".

You can't love anybody if you don't love yourself, right?


-Journal 雑記